Granite State Priorities

Granite State Priorities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan coalition that brings concerned citizens together to achieve common-sense revenue reforms necessary to sustain our state and communities and make taxes affordable for all.  We call on business leaders, working families, faith communities, public officials and all the people of New Hampshire to join us.


Granite State Priorities is pleased that Question 1, an attempt to amend NH's state Constitution to forever ban any new tax on income, failed. We thank our supporters, our partners and our allies for their role in defeating the amendment.

It's important to remember this was not a referendum on the voters' desire for tax reform, nor was it an informed debate on the merits for or against an income tax. The main argument for a ban centered on a political gimmick that Granite Staters have been sold since the Nixon Administration: that we are "advantaged" solely by our state's tax policy. There has been no serious study to prove or disprove this theory since the pledge was coined for use on a campaign yard sign.

What Are Our Priorities?

  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Clean Water
    Clean Water
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Community Colleges
    Vibrant Community Colleges
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Accessible Courts
    Accessible Courts
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Good Schools
    Good Schools
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Affordable Health Care
    Affordable Health Care
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Replace Decaying Infrastructure
    Attention to Decaying Infrastructure
  • NH Tax Reform Priority - Responsive Public Safety
    Responsive Public Safety